Thanks For Reading -- 10/11/2018

Elvis, 5 October 2007

When Jamey told me about his offer from The Athletic, I was thrilled at his opportunity and congratulated him (of course!), but later, I felt a little weird. Did it make sense for me to be the only regular contributor to “The Newberg Report?” Would I be staring down a barrage of “unsubscribe” emails every morning? Should I resign?

Neftali Feliz, 6 October 2007

After some thought, I concluded “eh, I’m just going to keep doing what I do.” I knew I would be losing the AAA team’s 70 annual games in Round Rock and Frisco’s 16 visits to San Antonio after the season. I wanted to enjoy those games while they lasted and cover them as I always had, so why add a disruption in March?

Kinsler and Elvis, 22 October 2010

A good many people unsubscribed, understandably. No hard feelings. I’m a niche market. It’s The Newberg Report, Jamey is the emotional core, and my writing leans toward the clinical. For a sixth-grade creative writing assignment, as my classmates concocted imaginative stories, I wrote about astronomy. Not terribly creative. But interesting! (I hope.)

Pudge and Alfaro, 14 March 2014

What changed most this year was the donation system. For the first time, most electronic payments and checks were sent directly to me. But I’m not talking about the money itself, which was apportioned among the various Newberg Report contributors more-or-less as it had in the past. No, the change was receiving so many hand-written messages through the mail and more greetings via Paypal and email. I’m not writing for validation, but your comments deeply touched me, especially during the time of year when the six-games-a-day schedule has worn me down. So, thanks for those.

Bubba Thompson and Chris Seise, 21 March 2018

It’s funny. I work for a small company, and my livelihood depends on getting enough clients, often lawyers, to accept what I charge for my services. Sometimes they do, sometimes not, but it’s all business. I've got a handle on what each project entails and what it will cost. What’s awkward, what truly makes me hesitate to press the “send” button, is the annual Newberg Report donation request. Even after a dozen years, asking strangers and acquaintances-via-internet for money makes me squirm. Why is that? So, let me say with slightly less awkwardness, thanks to those of you who donated. And if you've never donated, that's fine. Thanks for putting up with the requests.

Surprise scoreboard, 21 March 2018

Given that North Carolina hosts two of Texas’s farm clubs, I decided to regift some of your donations after Florence struck. So, congratulations to you, because ten cents of every dollar you donated was divided among the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina, the Diaper Bank of North Carolina, Americares (emergency medical and relief supplies to people to displaced people and clinics), and the North Carolina Disaster Relief Fund (a state-run catch-all that will distribute money to other organizations).

Frisco's antepenultimate lineup in San Antonio, 22 August 2018

The last two years haven't been the best. For the first time since I've been on this gig, both the parent club and farm haven't performed well. The state of the system caught me off guard when I showed up to Surprise in March 2017, although it shouldn't have. Win-now trades. Injuries. Rule changes that blunted Texas's talent acquisition advantage. And guys just not panning out. After a fallow period, we're going to start seeing more top prospects in the upper levels of the system, ready to contribute. I'm not sure what the MLB club will be like in 2019, but the farm will be more fun, and I'm looking to covering the next wave as it comes in.

Jamey built something special, and I'm glad I've been part of it. Thanks for reading.

Round Rock's final home game as a Texas affiliate, 30 August 2018

My thanks to:

The Texas Rangers front office and communications staff, coaches, players, etc.

Chris Almendarez, Tim Jackson, Andrew Felts, Mike Capps, the press box ushers who not only tolerated but entertained my daughter, and everyone with the Round Rock Express. And, until the end of March, Jill Cacic.

Ryan Rouillard, Melanie Newman, Chuck Greenberg and everyone with the Frisco RoughRiders.

Rich Weimart of the San Antonio Missions, who is always ready for the belated email I send asking for a media pass.

Dominic Cotroneo of the Down East Wood Ducks.

Mark Parker, not of but significantly involved with the Hickory Crawdads.

John Collett and Bud Bareither of the Spokane Indians.

Every scout I bothered for info and gun readings.

Aspiring scouts and front-office types on Twitter and elsewhere.

Podcast partners Ted Price and Michael Tepid.

Kate Morrison for filling in.

Jamey Newberg for the opportunity.

Whoever I should have listed but didn't.




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